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Browse the way you want. Opera isn't just a browser. It's an awesome browser.

Operar is a free and open source cross-platform..

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Supported OS and Platforms: Windows, Mac OSx, GNU/ Linux, Android

Opera is one of the most consistent and significantly well optimized recognized browsers widely used by several website visitors. It is rather revolutionary and moved the Internet browsing towards a completely new standard. It presents tabbed browsing, support, email, RSS reader, turbo, chats, mouse gestures, widgets, mouse gestures, and is entirely personalized. While this specific internet browser never encountered the overall popularity like it deserves, its persistent trend to introduce and present better options of allowing users to manage their browsing skills (for example it introduced first concept of easily usable tab folders and speed dial for easier bookmarking) has enabled it to grab around 3% of the market in the starting of 2014 on PC, and be the third most noted browser on mobile devices (behind native Android and iOS browsers).

The fundamental package of opera comes preinstalled with dozens of helpful services, including tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, download manager, Speed Dial, support for 3rd party extensions, page zooming, phishing and malware protection, email client, IRC chat client, RSS feed aggregator, and Opera Turbo (feature that enable server-side compression of data, permitting users with slow net connection to download web content at a higher speed).

Opera launched its existence in 1994, advancing to the version v12 in 2013. Nevertheless, during that year, progression of Opera shifted to more advanced and better established WebKit rendering engine (Chromium and Blink). The v15 version of Opera premiered in May 2013, opening a new chapter in the record of this well-known internet browser.


Find What’s ‘NEW’ in Opera?

The Discover attribute

Offers you high-quality news reports and amusement from all over the world. You can also check out latest information from a wide range of categories and study articles from your area, in your own language.


Lookup and browse conveniently

Opera has user-friendly, effective site for looking and directing the website. You can search by using multiple providers and observe site instructions as you type.


Surf with fashion

Opera’s user interface blends precision and quality. Incorporating modern preferences with robust characteristics, Opera offers you the flexibility to start the website and search effectively.


Manage your preferences

An improved Speed Dial sets your most-visited sites straight on a custom start page. You can easily and quickly browse and access your favorite contents with enhanced searching and organizing options.


Store what you come across

Discovered something you’ll wish to come back to? The Stash function records a page with one simple click and groups up your contents into an easy and advanced list. Scan your Stash in an adjustable page preview or browse what you’ve stored, by key words.

Opera\'s free VPN, Ad Blocker, integrated messengers and private mode help you browse securely and smoothly.